Mountain Adventure Skills Training
Skills Courses and Certifications

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Required Skills Courses

MAST 141: Hiking I
An introduction to backcountry wilderness hiking. Emphasis is placed on proper equipment choices and usage, development of solid navigation skills, food preparation, group travel, hazard management and environmental concerns. This is the first field trip of the year and offers a challenging and fun way to introduce students to each other and the amazing BC backcountry. 

MAST 140: Rock Climbing I
Introduction to top-roped rock climbing and equipment. Topics to include site selection, top-roping procedures, anchors and belay systems, equipment usage and maintenance, climbing techniques, rappelling, self-equalizing anchors, bolts and other fixed anchors, safety issues. 

MAST 142: Mountaineering I
Exploring the high alpine and glaciated environment on foot enables students to gain an introduction to mountaineering. Skills developed include crampon use, roped glacier travel, mountain safety, snow and ice anchors, crevasse rescue, belays and lowering techniques. 

 MAST 143: Ski Tour I
An introduction to ski touring and an exploration of Fernie's expansive backcountry terrain. Movement skills development, terrain assessment, skiing powder snow, touring equipment, group management and avalanche safety are the focus of this practical field trip. Note: Those students who wish to snowboard are required to purchase a split board for touring in the backcountry. Prerequisite for MAST 162 Ski Tour 2.

MAST 144: Canoe Skills 1
Tandem paddling skills and strokes are practiced on local lakes building towards two days of whitewater skills on the Elk river. This course builds the foundations for all of our spring whitewater courses. Prerequisite for MAST 164

MAST 145: Whitewater Raft Guide Training 1
Intensive introduction to the rafting industry and the preparation for employment as a raft guide. Multiple days on the Elk and Bull rivers develop strong team rafting skills, as well as learning about equipment, river reading techniques and safety and risk management issues.

MAST 146: Avalanche Skills Training (AST 1 & 2 Certifications as well as Companion Rescue Cert.)
The AST courses are our first field trips into the mountains in winter. These courses introduce students to concepts of safe winter backcountry travel. Snow pack analysis, avalanche terrain, weather characteristics and safe travel techniques are practiced in the field. Avalanche beacon training and thorough practice forms a strong foundation for further winter ski touring courses. CAA endorsed curriculum. (Prerequisite for MAST 143)

MAST 147: Ski OR Snowboard Instructor Level 1
The Level 1 Courses combine the basics of practical teaching methods, technical understanding and development of guest service skills. Candidates receive coaching on their riding, teaching and people skills with the goal of reaching the Level 1 standard. They also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to teach skiers up to intermediate level. Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2.


MAST 150: Occupational First Aid
80 hour advanced industry standard courses covering emergency medical techniques.

MAST 151: Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification
80-hour advanced industry standard courses covering emergency medical techniques.

Optional Courses

MAST 165: Swiftwater Rescue Technician 3 (Rescue Canada)
Designed for people who require technical safety skills and or the third-party rescue skills (including multi-victim profiling) to function in a higher, medium-risk environment. The courses are performance-based and include written and performance-based evaluations.

MAST 162: Ski Tour 2
Building on the skills learned in Ski Tour 1 students will travel into more remote terrain to further develop terrain analysis, glacier travel and avalanche awareness skills. This course incorporates winter expedition and winter camping skills in a truly inspiring mountain environment. Prerequisite: MAST 143


MAST 166: Whitewater Raft Guide Training 2
Advanced skills and bigger water in preparation for the employers raft guide's exam. Multiple days on the Elk and Bull rivers develop strong team rafting skills as well as learning about equipment, river reading techniques and safety and risk management issues.
Prerequisite: MAST 145                                               

MAST 167: Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking
Students are educated in safety issues as well as equipment design and use. Instruction begins in flat water techniques and moves quickly onto gentle whitewater and river running procedures. This course helps prepare students to safely progress to Grade 2 and 3 waters and covers river reading, self and group rescue and plenty of river time.
Prerequisite: MAST 165


MAST 170: Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Certification - Level 1
Suitable for strong riders with a desire to gain Instruction and/or Guides training, knowledge and experience. Interest or experience in teaching, guiding or leading club rides is an asset but some riders take this course to gain a great understanding of their own riding. The program will include: understanding the role of an instructor and guide, industry standards, risk management, teaching and learning theories and risk management strategies. Prerequisite: Very strong biking skills.

MAST 164: Canoe Guide Certification 
This course reinforces previous essential curriculum topics such as Wilderness Ethics, Leadershsip, Group Management, Menu Planning and Expedition skills. This course intends to build student's skills and confidence to become a leader of multi day wilderness canoe trips.
Prerequisite: MAST 144

Note: College of the Rockies reserves the right to alter, substitute or change any of the above courses and/or course descriptions without prior notice. Changes, if made, are primarily for reasons of safety, scheduling or educational advantage.

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