Mountain Adventure Skills Training
Program Design

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  • Fast paced learning environment
  • 40% Indoor 60% Outdoor learning time
  • 6 Relevant academic courses teaching what employers want you to know
  • 14 Skills & Certification courses ensuring you have the skills to do your dream job
  • Designed to ensure you are employable
  • Designed to enhance confidence, leadership and risk/hazard management
  • One tuition and 46 possible credits
  • The MAST Certificate articulates to other diploma and degree programs


Students must complete the 36 credits of the Core Required Courses as listed below to achieve the MAST Certificate credential.

For Course Descriptions go here: Academic Courses and Skills Courses and Certifications

Course Code Core Required Courses
MAST 111 Risk Management
MAST 114 Natural History
MAST 119 Guiding and Leadership
MAST 121 Adventure Tourism Industry
MAST 122 Wilderness Travel Theory
MAST 136 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MAST 140 Rock Climbing 1
MAST 141 Hiking 1
MAST 142 Mountaineering 1
MAST 143 Ski Tour 1
MAST 144 Canoe Skills 1
MAST 145 Whitewater Raft Guide Training 1
MAST 146 Avalanche Skills Training Certification
MAST 147 Ski or Snowboard Instructor Certification 1
MAST 150
MAST 151
Occupational First Aid Certification (80 hrs)
Wilderness First Responder Certification (80 hrs)
  Optional Activity Courses (No Extra Tuition)
MAST 162 Ski Tour 2
MAST 165 Swiftwater Rescue Technician Certification Level 3
MAST 169 River Expedition Skills
MAST 166
MAST 167
Whitewater Raft Guide Training 2
Intro to Whitewater Kayaking
MAST 164
MAST 170
Canoe Guide Certification
Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Certification

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The safety of the students and instructors is the most important aspect of the MAST program. Students are made fully aware of hazards and risks during preparatory training of all field courses. Instructors and guides are fully certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid and are certified in their particular field. Students sign a waiver form on day one of the MAST program as well as a 'Full Value Contract' which forms the basis for a positive educational environment.


No smoking, alcohol consumption or other activity that is deemed to be unacceptable student behaviour will be tolerated during an out-trip or any other portion of the program. Disciplinary consequences for violation of the above stipulations can range to an immediate dismissal from the program and forfeiture of any moneys paid to the College. Students are asked to sign a 'Full Value Contract' on day one of the program. This contract outlines specific expectations and forms an agreement between the students, college staff and instructor/guides.

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Note: College of the Rockies reserves the right to alter, substitute or change any of the above courses and/or course descriptions without prior notice. Changes, if made, are primarily for reasons of safety, scheduling or educational advantage.