Education Assistant


Due to an extensive waitlist for the EA program, we are not currently accepting applications for the 2019/20 academic year. Applications to the program will open again once seats become available. Please regularly check the program webpage and or contact Enrolment Services for updates regarding applications.

Assisting Students in the K-12 Classroom

The Education Assistant (EA) program at College of the Rockies is a 10-month program that prepares students for a career in supporting students with diverse needs in K-12 classrooms.

The EA program can be done fully online or students may choose to take a selection of courses in a traditional classroom setting. Online courses have been designed to incorporate a high degree of discussion and interaction between students, and instructors are actively involved in guiding learning.

Thirty new full-time students (online or on-campus) are accepted each year. Students begin their studies in September, and complete them by the end of the following June.

Part-time students (online or on-campus) begin in September of each year and have up to five years to complete the program's course work and practica. The number of part time students accepted depends on the seats available in each course.

Program Cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

CYFS Flexible Assessment Handbook

Students in the program explore topics such as:

  • The roles and responsibilities of being an education assistant
  • The roles and responsibilities of classroom partners
  • The K-12 school system in BC
  • Educational paradigms
  • Social, emotional and cognitive development
  • Learning styles
  • Exceptionalities (causes, characteristics and accommodations)
  • Strategies for supporting literacy and numeracy
  • Techniques for guiding behaviours
  • Communication skills
  • Awareness of cultures
  • Health and Wellness


There are two practicums in this program.

1. EAP 104 Practicum #1 is 120 hours and is completed in the winter semester. Students are at their practicum sites Monday thru Thursday mornings. Typically, students begin their practicums the second week in January. in addition to practicum, full-time students complete four other courses during this semester.

2. EAP 107 Practicum #2 is 180 hours and is completed in the spring semester. Students are at their practicum sites full-time for approximately 8 weeks beginning in mid-April. In addition to practicum, full-time students complete one other course during this semester.

Practicums may be completed in a student's local community, assuming a suitable site can be secured. More information is provided in the application package.


Students interested in enrolling in our Education Assistant program should be aware of the workload involvement. It is expected that most full-time students will spend approximately 3 hours per day with homework assignments in addition to the time spent in class or online (each online and face-to-face course requires 3-4 hours of class time per week). Most students spend 30-40 hours per week on school work.