Becoming a Student (Admissions)
Information for students from Manitoba

Exclamation Mark The following information is provided only as a guideline. Please confirm your transferability with College of the Rockies Education Advisors, and with any other BC institution you plan to attend.

BC Curriculum Manitoba Equivalent
English 12 ELA 40S (Comprehensive/ Literary/Transactional Focus)
History 12 History 40S, or
Western Civ 40S, or
World Issues 40S
Principles of Math 12 Pre-Calculus Math 40S
Calculus 12 Calculus AP (AB or BC)
Biology 12 Biology 40S
Chemistry 12 Chemistry 40S
Physics 12 Physics 40S

Financial Aid

Students who have not resided in British Columbia for at least one year, prior to the start of their study period must apply for student loan funding through the province in which they resided for a minimum of one year prior to coming to BC.

Manitoba Student Aid