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Respect in the Workplace | $199

Course Overview:

During the last decade, harassment has become a subject of increasing concern for large and small employers alike, as well as for all levels of employees, the media and the public. Training is an important prevention strategy and the workshop "Respect in the Workplace" is an opportunity to address this important problem. The workshop environment is one in which people discover, explore, learn and enhance their abilities to respond appropriately in the Workplace. There will be opportunity for personal, small group and large group reflection and learning. Join this workshop and learn some of the following objectives:

  • Become more aware of what harassment is
  • Consider the impact of harassment
  • Explore causes of harassment
  • Identify behavior that is inappropriate or illegal
  • Define inappropriate workplace behaviors, bullying and harassment
  • Know what to do if any of the above take place
  • Exposure to communication strategies to address workplace harassment

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