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True Colours | $45.00 + GST

Course Overview:

Human beings strive for self-esteem but seek it in different ways because of values, preferences, wants, needs, motives and desires.

What is True Colors™? True Colors™ is a communication tool that enhances both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. True Colors™ helps people identify their own personality traits and how these impact their professional and personal relationships. The benefits of knowing our True Colors™ are incredible!

It provides all of us with an opportunity to open our minds to our own potential and helps recognize and encourage the potential in others. It teaches us to bridge the gaps in communications, leading to respect and compassion for ourselves and others. The “magic” of True Colors™ and the power of its presentation will provide a clearer understanding of yourself and others in a safe, fun, non-threatening format.

The True Colors philosophy recognizes that there are four innate systems which drive our behaviour and through which people strive to experience self-esteem.

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