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Making Living Compost | $39.00 + GST

Course Overview:

Elevate your compost-making skills at this hands-on workshop by learning how, and why, to harvest the benefits of a healthy soil food web.  The ultimate soil-builder, living compost not only provides nutrients and organic matter, but also a healthy community of soil-microbiology to help your plants thrive.  Learn to source appropriate materials, mix them at the proper proportions, and monitor the pile as it matures into black gold with a beneficial soil food web.  This workshop is part classroom theory and part hands-on at the EcoGarden


Participants will leave with vermicompost and a reference resource workbook.



Note to all students:  Wear weather-appropriate clothing/footwear, and bring a pen and a lunch.

In the spirit of making this valuable information about growing your own food as widely accessible as possible, Wildsight is able to offer bursaries upon request.

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