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Cannabis Retail Specialist Program

New for 2018

The cannabis industry is poised for explosive growth - start your career here.

Our 26-week Cannabis Retail Specialist program* is designed to provide training for employment in one of Canada's most rapidly evolving industries.

This program is available online, four times per year, and includes a work placement to gain hands-on experience in a retail cannabis related business. Next start date: August 12, 2018.

Note: This program is only available to domestic students at this time.

Why choose a career as a cannabis retail specialist?

  • Cannabis will become legal in Canada in the summer of 2018, providing new employment opportunities for Canadians.
  • The Cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in North America, and companies are on the hunt for knowledgeable and educated employees to help build the future.
  • Highly specialized retail jobs provide varied and challenging work and the chance to learn valuable skills in a growth industry.

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*Note: This program information is correct at the time of publication. The guidelines surrounding the retail sale of cannabis continue to evolve. Program content may also evolve to ensure relevance to changing government standards, educational, employment and marketing needs.