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University Studies Certificates

Criminal and Social Justice
The Criminal and Social Justice certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the first year, 30 credits in the Criminal and Social Justice Diploma program.

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This one-year certificate is designed to satisfy the Year 1 requirements of undergraduate engineering programs at UVIC and UBC; it may also help students transfer into the engineering programs at other institutions. Students will receive full credit for first-year engineering at the University of Victoria.

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Environmental Studies
This program is designed to prepare students to be environmentally responsible citizens who have a wide range of employment-ready essential skills. The program introduces students to a broad range of skills and technical knowledge through class lectures, labs, and projects. Although students must take a number of required courses that deal with the environment, they will have quite a bit of autonomy in choosing electives. The students develop functional, transferable skills required in today's work force.

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Fine Arts
This two-semester program exposes students to a combination of visual, language and performing arts courses. The Fine Arts certificate program provides students the opportunity to explore their creative side. Students take required courses which give them an overview of history, philosophy and practice. Students can then select courses in creative writing, acting, painting, drawing and sculpture allowing them a venue to develop their talent.

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The Pre-Commerce certificate is for students wishing to complete a Bachelor of Commerce degree or an Arts degree. This certificate provides the breadth of courses available to students who may be looking for work in the public or private sector. All certificates in the University Studies department enhance the problem-solving and critical thinking skills necessary for active participation in the economic political and cultural sectors in their communities.

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This certificate gives students an opportunity to survey the academic courses required to pursue a Bachelor of Education or a Bachelor of Arts degree. All of the courses in this certificate are approved by the BC College of Teachers. The University of Victoria has a four-year Teacher Education Program at the College of the Rockies and this certificate can be used as the first year toward that degree.

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To qualify for the Science Certificate, the student must complete 10 first-year courses, (or 30 College of the Rockies credits). The certificate does not have to be completed in one year.

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