Advancing Women’s Participation in Trades Training in Tanzania

An image of several students in Tanzania.

Since 2017 College of the Rockies has worked with Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) centres in Mwanza and Shinyanga, Tanzania to document and address the barriers to women entering and succeeding in male-dominated trades. As part of College and Institute Canada’s Improving Skills Training for Employment Program, the College amassed a substantial body of evidence to move forward with gender equality initiatives that target the root of the problems causing women not to choose to study or succeed in a particular trade. Through the Government of Canada’s International Youth Internship Program, the College has deployed Gender Equality Officers to introduce girls to non-traditional trades, establish women’s leadership clubs and identify female role models. The College’s Director of Student Affairs has also delivered training to VETA staff on sexual violence prevention and response, adapting the approach taken by the College at home to the Tanzanian context.

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An image of several women in a classroom in Tanzania.
An image of several students in a classroom in Tanzania.