Adult Ballet

Cost: $169.00 + GST Reference ID: GIRE-173

Course Overview

Have you ever wanted to learn ballet? Well now is your chance. Learn new techniques as you explore a flowing graceful quality to movement while getting a great workout and helping develop better posture, and muscle strengthening. Immerse yourself in the grace, artistry, flow of ballet while learning the technique and discovering new movement and toning in ways you have not before. A great workout found through classical musicality and artistry of graceful flowing movement along with some challenge for the brain and body in coordination of movement. Feel the beauty of the graceful flowing movement and discover your creative artistic side in a new way through fun, engaging, challenging and movement sequences. This course is open for ages 19+. No previous dance experience is required.  Attire: Stretchy yoga/athletic leggings or shorts and fitness top. Ballet-type slippers or jazz shoes or bare foot/socks.

Golden - Tuesday April 25th, 2023