Become Your Best Self

Cost: $159.00 + GST Reference ID: GIPD-207

Course Overview

In this self-development course, we will explore principles and practices that help us gain clarity in our life and live up to our fullest potential, with more joy and fulfillment!

Do you feel stuck sometimes? Do relationships, career, social pressure get in the way?

Understand yourself in a whole new way and take the time to discover and process who you are and what you want! Join Kristine Divall, Life Coach and Educator, for 4 weeks of peeling back the layers to look at what blocks come up, where they come from, and what you can do to reorganize the path forward. Understanding yourself in a deeper way takes time and dedication. It’s easy to just keep doing and acting in the same ways we always have, but sometimes those ways don’t lead to the results and goals we have set for ourselves. Clarify your path!

Golden - Tuesday February 21st, 2023