Belly Dancing

Cost: $169.00 + GST Reference ID: GIHE-238

Course Overview

Tap into your feminine strength as you learn to shimmy and shake and move your body in ways that help you to gently increase range of motion, coordination, strength, and confidence. No previous experience necessary.

Looking for a way to introduce yourself to your body in a whole new way? Then this class is for you. In this introductory belly dance class you will be encouraged to move your body in gentle and safe ways as we re-interpret dance forms that have been practiced by people in the Middle East and North Africa for thousands of years. Not only will this dance form increase your range of motion, body awareness, strength and coordination, it will also invite you to tap into your strong sensual, feminine self. In this supportive and inclusive environment, nurture your inner body while you learn to let your body respond to music as you tell the story of feminine strength and resilience with a wicked sense of humour.

This class is for all body types, fitness levels, ages and experiences in dance. Please bring a water bottle and wear clothes that makes you feel good and you are able to move in.

Golden - Monday January 30th, 2023

Golden - Monday May 1st, 2023