How To Tame Your Dragon: Lessons to Regain Your Energy

Cost: $200.00 + GST Reference ID: GIHE-625

Course Overview

Did you know the number one reason folks procrastinate is exhaustion? After the daily tasks of adulting there seems to be no energy left for growth and momentum. We are responsible for our own life. In taking control of the things that we recognize are within our control, we can change ourselves and the world immediately around us. We can improve our home life and our work life which, in turn, affects everyone who meets us. It is the work of a lifetime and very worthwhile! Join us for all four sessions on How to Tame Your Dragon for a special price. Bundle includes:

1. The Anatomy of our Energy
2. Why Are We So Tired?
3. Physiology and Habits
4. The Energy of Our Energy


Invermere - Monday January 23rd, 2023