Learn to Play Guitar Level 2

Cost: $189.00 + GST Reference ID: GIPD-1104

Course Overview

Acoustic guitar for Beginners Level 2 is a course that enhances an individual’s music theory knowledge while concentrating on standard performance practices on the guitar. Areas of instruction will include proper instrument care, rhythm and lead techniques, fundamentals of musicianship, tone production, proper posture and musical literacy.

Goals & expectations:

Students will learn and expand their music theory which will include scales, modes, keys, intervals, chords, melody and harmony. Students will perform their strumming ability to play simple to intermediate chords and play chord progressions in any key while using rhythm and finger picking patterns at a steady tempo using a metronome.

Students will learn specific “lead” techniques based on the scales and modes and be able to perform a solo using well known melodic “licks” while identifying the root notes of any key signature.

This course is for students that want to improve their musical ability and develop a deeper understanding of techniques and music theory while expanding on the memorization of the fret boards, understanding the tone of any song and being able to transpose the music in any key.


*Learn to Play Guitar Level 1 is a prerequisite

1 hour weekly session for 8 weeks.

Creston - Tuesday February 7th, 2023

Creston - Tuesday February 7th, 2023