Painting for the Petrified

Cost: $169.00 + GST Cost Notes:

This course is five 3 hour sessions.

Reference ID: GIAR-187

Course Overview

It is often believed that people are either born with creative talent or they don’t have it at all. The truth is that everyone is inherently creative.

It is part of what makes us human. Have you ever looked at a piece of art that you love and thought: “I wish that I could do something like that?” With some basic theory and the right tools in a supportive environment – you can!

In this course you will be shown the fundamentals of painting, including: colour, theory and elements of design, building a palette, using brush lines, brush stroke techniques and creating form. Each class is cumulative and will build on the previous ones. You will leave with multiple paintings of your own and the confidence and tools to continue your creative journey. Ages 16 and older. Supply list available at time of registration.

Note: Please wear clothes suitable for painting.

Golden - Tuesday February 21st, 2023