Spring Mushroom Foray

Cost: from $79.00 + GST Reference ID: GINR-304

Course Overview

Join Robert Macrae for a walk in the local woods to search for edible fungi: mushrooms, morels, boletes, oysters, ear-fungi, coral fungi, and more. Mushroom foraging is completely weather dependent. In the spring, morels appear following April showers as the weather warms in May as the wild strawberries blossom. Morels return to the same spots annually, weather willing. Although just when you think you’ve figured them out, they’ll disappear from where they always were, and reappear where you’ve never seen them before. While Rob can’t guarantee we’ll find any mushrooms, at the least, we’ll have a pleasant walk in the woods and learn a little more about our fungal friends.

Creston - Saturday May 25th, 2024