Moving Forward: A Safe Start to Spring 2021

We look forward to having you be a part of the College of the Rockies community. Ensuring you get the education you need, while also keeping our students and employees healthy and safe, is our top priority. We are following all health and safety guidelines outlined by the Provincial Health Officer, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, and WorkSafe BC.

What will classes be like?

This winter, most classes will be held online, with some – physically distanced – on-campus learning for those programs that require it, such as trades, health programs, and science labs. We assure you that as many of our programs have been previously delivered partly or fully online, and we are well-prepared to meet your learning needs.

Note: For online courses and programs, you will require your own computer. Access to a personal computer is critical to your success as a student. Whether your course is offered online or in-class, a computer and an internet connection help you to participate in lessons, access course materials, complete assignments and interact with your instructor, classmates and college services.

What will it be like on campus?

COVID-19 can be transmitted even by people who are not displaying symptoms of the disease. People who may be infected with COVID-19 should stay at home and not go to campus. This includes people who:

  • Have or have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 10 days.
  • Have travelled outside of Canada within the previous 14 days.
  • Live with or have been in close contact to someone with COVID-19 (presumed or confirmed) within the past 14 days.

Learn more about College of the Rockies’ health and safety measures by reading our Exposure Control Plan. Learn more about COVID-19 at

Fewer people on campus

We are limiting access to the campus to only those who need to be there for specific purposes – students who need to come to their face-to-face class, their instructors, some support staff, and others who have scheduled appointments. Most College employees will be working remotely, but they are still available to help via the web or through email. For information about available Student Services during this time, please visit our COVID-19 page.

Most classes will be delivered online or through web-conferencing, while some classes that require hands-on work, such as trades, healthcare, and science labs, will be delivered on-campus in small groups to ensure safe physical distancing.

The cafeteria will remain open for “grab and go” items.

Safety Reminders

If you need to access the campus, you are responsible for the following:

  • Performing a health self-check. The Provincial Health Officer is currently asking all individuals to perform a health self-check each time prior to coming in, using the assessment tool at You can also download the app for your mobile device.
  • Following physical distance guidelines, such as staying 2 metres (6 feet) from others.
  • Washing your hands when entering and exiting a building. You can wash your hands (20-30 sec) in the washrooms nearby or with hand sanitizer (20 sec) at one of the hand sanitization stations.
  • Keeping your visit brief.

Please review all of our safety measures before coming to campus.