Image of College of the Rockies main campus

Dear employees and students,

I write this email to express my views on the Black Lives Matter movement and the global protests and solidarity events that have been sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  The circumstances of his death by police violence were abominable as is the systemic and institutional racism that has led up to this moment in time.

Canadians, as do other nationals in their home countries, have a constitutional right to protest against unacceptable societal behaviour and to demand change.  It is gratifying to see many exercise this right.  Hopefully, the scale of the global protests we are witnessing will serve to bring about necessary and overdue changes. 

I sincerely hope that the global outcry from the death of George Floyd, and the demise of others in similar appalling circumstances, will serve to spur all leaders to action in addressing the systemic racism inherent in our culture and institutions.  I am one of those leaders and we are one of those institutions that must continue to reflect on our role and to collectively strive together against racism.

"Appreciate People, Land and Culture" is one of our core values. "Whether student, co-worker or community member, we look for and nurture each other's potential.  We approach each other with kindness and a caring for our future and the future of our communities. We celebrate each other's histories and accomplishments, knowing that when others do better, we all do better."



David Walls
President and CEO
College of the Rockies