Timber Framing

Next program intake: September 6 – December 2, 2022

Are you creative? Do you enjoy working hands-on both indoors and outdoors? If so, a career in timber framing might be the right fit for you!

To work as a timber framer, you should:

  • Have a passion for making and building things
  • Be precise, accurate, efficient, and be able to solve mathematical problems with ease
  • Be able to work independently or with a team

This program will prepare you to create unique and complex structures that represent the peak of craftsmanship. Today’s timber frame buildings are energy efficient, structurally sound and stunningly beautiful. Learn how to create this today.

Why Choose a Career as a Timber Framer?

  • It’s a unique trade!
  • You can work with skilled trades people in a variety of job settings.
  • Timber Framing is becoming more common in new construction, making it a valuable skill for anyone currently in the construction industry.

Program Overview

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Timber Framing Training Schedule

*Timber FramingFDTNSeptember 6, 2022December 2, 202213 Weeks

 *Projected | All dates subject to change |