Wireless Systems Technician

New program name for 2021!

We have renamed the Autonomous Systems Technician program to Wireless Systems Technician to better describe this program’s core focus of knowledge and skills.

Wireless Systems Technicians provide maintenance and repairs for wireless devices. They install and resolve issues relating to various types of wireless devices, such as cellular phones and PDAs. Technicians also help develop wireless networks and solve network problems.

Next program intake: January, 2022

The January 2022 intake will be an intensive delivery of a two year diploma program which will be completed in a year and a half.

The resource and manufacturing sector is changing – get the skills you need to respond.

Automation based on wireless telecommunications systems is rapidly transforming industry. New jobs are being created and require talented technicians with new skills. Be a part of the solution.

To work as an Wireless Systems Technician, you should:

  • Have strong critical thinking skills
  • Have good communication, writing and reading skills
  • Have a knack for complex problem solving
  • Exercise sound judgement and decision-making

What do Wireless systems Technicians do?

  • Support complex networks that transmit wireless signals.
  • Maintain and repair personal communication devices as well as wireless equipment, such as cellular phones, pagers, wireless Internet (WiFi) hotspots, and others.
  • Have a proper understanding of broadband technologies, electronics, and mobile systems.
  • Examine and evaluate electronic equipment with the aid of measuring and diagnostic tools.
  • Report equipment failures, and create work orders to resolve them.
  • Assist in installing and setting up wireless and new telecommunication services.

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