Students Association

Providing Support for all College of the Rockies Students

The College of the Rockies Students’ Association is comprised of all students who are assessed a membership fee. The Students’ Association is in place to protect the rights of the students as well as to voice the interest of the student body at large, which is achieved through the appointment of students to various College committees.

The Students’ Association is also dedicated to the growth and continuance of student services and cultural enrichment on campus.

Their objectives include:

  • Create, organize, promote and enrich the social, cultural, recreational, educational programs, services and environment for students of the College of the Rockies.
  • Develop a sense of community among students and other groups within the College of the Rockies.
  • Promote general welfare of students and the furtherance of post-secondary education consistent with the purpose of the College of the Rockies.
  • Promote and represent students’ issues and interest in relation to the College of the Rockies.

The Students’ Association Executive consists of democratically elected Directors. The President and Treasurer are elected in April, and the Secretary, Vice-President, Communications Director and Director-at-Large are all elected in September. The Executive positions receive remuneration for their work.

The Executive is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Association.

To ensure that the rights and the interests of its members are being protected, the Executive members provide strong, effective representation for students wherever decisions impacting students as a whole are made.

All students are encouraged to leave feedback in the Students’ Association mailbox located across from the Reception area. Tell us what you would like to see happening on campus or what issues you think are important to students.

All important Association issues are discussed and democratically decided at Executive Committee meetings, which are open to all members (College students currently registered and having paid Students’ Association fees). Students are encouraged to attend and participate in these and other decision-making meetings organized by the Association. Drop by the Students’ Association office for more details on how to get involved.

Keeping you Informed

The Students’ Association maintains bulletin boards located beside the trophy cabinets outside the gymnasium, Cranbrook campus.

Copies of the Constitution, the Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures are located in the Students’ Association office (Room 144) or can be obtained through the College Liaison. They also encourage all students to periodically check their College email account as this is a valuable tool that we use to distribute information.

Regional Campuses

If you’re a student at a regional campus, you don’t have to feel left out! Remember your rights are as important as anyone else’s, so give the Students’ Association a call if something goes awry. You can call us toll free at 1-877-489-2687 x8277.

We do return the portion of student fees collected at each campus back to each campus. The Campus Manager has our policy on how a student group is to be chosen to determine the best ways to spend these funds that support our mandate.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can enhance your experience while attending the College of the Rockies.

Board of Governors Student Representatives

Two voting members sit on the College Board of Governors and receive a stipend for their input. Elections for these positions are held each year. The Board of Governors deals with issues related to faculty qualifications, advisory groups, College goals, objectives, strategies and priorities and tuition fee levels. Elections will be held this fall.

Educational Council Representatives

Four voting representatives sit on the Educational Council (EDCO) every year, with elections taking place each year. EdCo deals with issues such as student evaluation procedures, academic standards and student appeals on academic matters.

This is a very important decision-making body within the College. Elections will be held this fall and students are encouraged to run.

Representation on College Committees

There are too many College Committees on which students are represented to list here. If you want to become more involved and represent students (most committees meet once a month for two hours), then talk to a Students’ Association representative.


The Students’ Association encourages students to further enhance their time at College of the Rockies by seeking out others with similar interests and forming clubs. The Students’ Association can provide start up funding to eligible groups. An outdoors club and a ski/snowboard club are examples of clubs that have successfully been organized in the past. Grant information can be found in the Students’ Association policy manual.