Co-Curricular Record

A tool for tracking your non-academic achievements

Your time at College of the Rockies is filled with opportunities that can compliment your academic studies. You can join, lead, manage, participate in, or volunteer for, a wide range of activities.

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a tool for you to track your experience, or any program or event not formally related to your program of study.

Why should I take part in Co-curricular activities?

By taking part in co-curricular activities you are building your skills base and increasing your personal development in preparation for future successes in life.

What can I do with a Co-curricular Record (CCR)?

Your CCR can be used when applying for jobs, awards, and scholarships in addition to building your resume. Once your participation in an activity has been approved and verified by College of the Rockies staff, you can download and print or attach it to an application to draw attention to demonstrated skills and experiences. It is a College verified document, stamped and signed by the Director of Student Affairs.