Work-Integrated Learning

What is work-integrated learning?

Work-integrated learning is a partnership benefitting the student and you, the employer.

Work-integrated learning is a broad term for education that combines academic learning and practical work experience. In 2022, College of the Rockies is looking to add work-integrated learning (WIL) into several programs.

Work-integrated learning can come in many formats, however in our first year, the College will focus on co-operative education. Co-operative education alternates full-time study terms with full-time work terms throughout the academic program.

What are the business benefits of work-integrated learning?

A low-cost way to increase capacity

Students can fill skills gaps and can step up and be a resource to tackle value-added projects and those jobs on your task list you just can’t get to.

Recruit once, hire twice

Work-integrated learning is like a thorough job interview. Work placements can result in long-term employment, which reduces future recruitment costs.

Target and develop specific skills

Are you looking for a niche skill set that is not available in-house? Partnering with College of the Rockies could be the answer. We will have staff dedicated to assist you in recruiting students that fit your opportunity.

Access new ideas and energy

Integrating a young employee into your team brings fresh enthusiasm and energy.

Raise your community profile

Offering students an opportunity to explore their career goals is a valuable service to your community now and in the future.

Types of Work-integrated Learning

Applied ResearchApprenticeshipsCo-op education
EntrepreneurshipField PlacementsInternships
PracticumsService LearningWork Experience

What are the benefits to you?

College of the Rockies is an accredited co-op institution with Co-Operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL), and also a member of the Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon (ACE-WIL), which supports research efforts that enable students, partner organizations and members.