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Congratulations! Choosing to enrol in post-secondary is your first step towards a new adventure.  With more than 60 programs to explore, we can help you find the path that best suits your goals. 

Our programs include practical, hands-on experiences that help you connect what you’re learning in the classroom to real-world applications, to help you prepare to begin a career or to start the next leg of your educational journey.

Are you university-bound?  There are lots of good reasons to start your education at College of the Rockies before moving on. 

  • Save thousands of dollars in your first two years.
  • Smaller class sizes mean your instructors know you by name, not by your student number.
  • You can become a university student while attending the College with Dual Admission.
  • Learn how to be a post-secondary student in a supportive environment, so you can be more successful at university.