How to Apply

Follow the steps below to apply to College of the Rockies

Step 1 – Choose a program

Explore our programs to find the one that is the best fit.  Ensure you meet all Admissions Requirements for your selected program. Contact us for assistance.

Step 2 – Complete the application

Complete the online application form by clicking on the button below.

Once your application has been assessed, you will be sent an official offer letter of admission from the College by email.

Important notes:

  • You will be redirected to EducationPlanner BC to complete this form.
  • Our non-refundable application fee must be paid when you submit this online application.

Step 3 – Submit required documents

After you apply, you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your transcripts and proof of English Language Proficiency (if applicable).

Step 4 – Accept the offer

When your application is complete and all required documents have been submitted, our admissions team will evaluate your application. Successful applicants will receive an official offer letter of admission from College of the Rockies by email.

Accept the offer by completing this form.

  • When we receive your acceptance email, we will send you a Bank Letter.
  • Pay your tuition fees before you apply for your Canada Study Permit
  • You can pay your tuition online, from any country, at any bank, in any currency at:
  • After you pay your fees, email and attach receipt as proof of payment.

Step 5 – Pay the Fees

A Bank Letter will be sent to you outlining first year program fees and instructions to make a payment through PayMyTuition from any country, at any bank, in any currency.

Email a copy of your payment receipt to

Note: International students who are already in Canada can contact us to find out how to make a payment from their Canadian bank account.

Step 6 – Apply for a study permit, if needed

Visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for Study Permit requirements and application instructions.

If you require a study permit, you should apply as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and tuition receipt from the College.

Notify the International Office immediately when you receive confirmation of study permit approval from IRCC, by emailing a copy of your letter of introduction to

Please note that if your study permit is denied and you wish to request a refund of tuition fees from the College, you must do so within 30 days of receiving the denial. Please see College Policy 2.2.6 for more information.

Step 7 – Prepare for arrival

Follow the instructions in the final Acceptance Email you receive from the International Office and review our Pre-Departure Guide. Be sure to complete the Arrival Form, after you have booked your travel. 

Application Deadlines

Spring 2022 – Applications are now closed

Accepting applicationsNovember 1 – December 25, 2021
Accept Admission Offer before this dateFebruary 11, 2022
Pay Tuition and Fees before this dateFebruary 25, 2022
Notify of Study Permit Approval before this dateApril 22, 2022

Fall 2022

Accepting applicationsJanuary 29 – May 6, 2022
Accept Admission Offer before this dateMay 27, 2022
Pay Tuition and Fees before this dateJune 24, 2022
Notify of Study Permit Approval before this dateAugust 26, 2022