Transfer Credit Information

Have you completed one or more post-secondary courses? College of the Rockies offers excellent credit transfer opportunities that can help you earn transfer credits toward your current program. These credits can then be used toward fulfilling the requirements of your credential.

What courses are transferable?

Students can receive transfer credit at the College of the Rockies for equivalent courses taken at other institutions. If you want to transfer credits from a BC institution, visit the BC Transfer Guide website to see what courses will transfer. For courses taken at Alberta institutions, please visit the ACAT Transfer website, where College of the Rockies is a member institution. There are currently more than 6,707 course transfer agreements with BC institutions and more than 764 with Alberta institutions.

Even if your course does not appear on the transfer guides above, or was taken outside of BC or Alberta, you can still apply for transfer credit at College of the Rockies. Courses generally receive assigned credit if their learning outcomes are broadly the same.

Course by Course Transfer

Transferring to a College of the Rockies Program

Transferring to the College of the Rockies Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices Program (Transfer Agreements with other institutions)

Visiting Students

Transferring from a College of the Rockies Program

International Transfer Opportunities

Dual Admission

Guaranteed Admission

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Note: While the College makes every effort to ensure that information regarding transfer credit is accurate and up to date, this information is subject to change. Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to verify the current status of course or program transferability with receiving institutions.