College of the Rockies bolsters commitment to sustainability

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Signing of two agreements reinforces College’s dedication to sustainability

College of the Rockies president Paul Vogt made an official commitment to continue to focus on sustainability on Thursday, June 19 with the signing of two agreements. By adopting the Sustainable Development Goal Accord (SDG Accord) and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) agreements, Vogt commits, on behalf of the College, that the institution will continue to make sustainable practices a priority.

“Sustainability has long been a priority at College of the Rockies, as evidenced by the work of our Sustainability Committee, our various solar installations, composting project, living lab, recycling bins, water bottle filling stations, and more,” Vogt said. “Making a commitment to these two agreements fits with our values and the commitment we have previously made to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.”

Image shows two people at a table with a College of the Rockies tablecloth, with the words We. Spark. Change. behind them and blocks representing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals .
President Paul Vogt was joined for the signing by faculty member and Sustainability Committee member, Becky Pelkonen.

By signing the SDG Accord, the College joins a growing network of educational institutions worldwide dedicated to addressing pressing global challenges, fostering sustainable practices, and preparing students to become responsible global citizens.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations include ending poverty and hunger, promoting quality education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. Signing the SDSN agreement demonstrates the College’s commitment to integrating and reporting on these goals across all of its operations.

“The mandate of our committee is to further sustainability efforts at the College,” said Dr. Paul Tiege, Chair of the College’s Sustainability Committee. “For the upcoming year, one of our primary goals is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Having President Vogt sign these agreements supports this goal and supports overall student and employee engagement in the SDGs.”

Vogt publicly signed both agreements at a gathering in the College’s main entrance foyer.

More information about the SDG Accord can be found at: sdgaccord.org/ and the SDSN at www.unsdsn.org/canada

Learn more about the College’s sustainability work at: cotr.ca/sustainability