Name Department Campus
Macasso, Adam Continuing Education and Contract Training Creston
Macaulay, Jim Continuing Education and Contract Training
MacKenzie, Allison Academic and Applied Research Invermere
Mackie, Cheryl Health Cranbrook
MacLachlan, Troy Fire Training Kimberley
MacLean, Joanne Fernie Campus Fernie
Maher, Sylvia Student and Enrolment Services Cranbrook
Mahoney, Emily Health Cranbrook
Maki, Lawrence University Studies Cranbrook
Makkreel, Robert Trades Cranbrook
Malfair, Christine Continuing Education and Contract Training Invermere
Marchand, Shelley Hairstyling Cranbrook
Markovics, Laszlo Business Administration, University Studies Cranbrook
Marsh, Deni Health Cranbrook
Marti, Heather Health Creston
Martyniuk, Colhane Facilities Cranbrook
Matejka, Elizabeth University Studies Cranbrook
Mathenia, Brenda Library Cranbrook
Mattson, Vance University Studies Cranbrook
McArthur, Donna Invermere Campus Invermere