Technology Support

To study at College of the Rockies, you will require a computer.

We all rely on technology everyday – and it is constantly evolving. Whether you need help connecting your laptop to eduroam, require a password reset, or have issues with your College email account, we can help. Contact our support department today!

As a College of the Rockies student, you will use a College Network Account to access the following:

  • College computers
  • Student portal (news, announcements, campus life activities, emergency procedures)
  • College of the Rockies – Online (our Distance/Online learning web site)
  • College email
  • Library Services (databases, electronic resources, e-books, streaming videos, etc.)
  • Office 365

New Students Login Instructions

If you are a registered student you already have a network account created for you. Students will have to change their password to gain access to College Systems.

Follow the directions below to login in from either on-campus or off-campus from a computer or laptop, not your mobile phone.

Login From On-Campus

  • Enter your username in the format

Some resources will require you to include Please follow the instructions below to successfully login and reset your password. Note that your Email Address is different from your username.

Find a college lab computer that is available

Password: c1234567
Your email address is:  first initial  family

  • Enter your temporary password – 7 digit student number + prefix “c” in front. You will be prompted immediately to change your password. After this initial setup, you will use your User ID (Username) and your newly created password to log into your College Student Network accounts and your College email.
  • After this initial setup, you will use your User ID (Username) and your newly created password to log into most College Network services.

When picking a new password, choose one that has between 6 to 15 characters and includes both letters and numbers; and characters such as @ $ % *. We highly recommend you use a different password for the AccessCOTR system and other College systems.


Login From Off-Campus

If you are not at one of our campuses, you can set up your College Network Account on any computer or laptop (not your mobile phone) by visiting the following page (note that you must be connected to the internet to use this page):

Change your network password here:

Password: c9991111
Your email address is:  first initial  family

Returning Students Login Instructions

 If you set up your College Network account during your previous semester, then you will use your User ID (example: c1234567) and your existing password. Note: Your COTROnline (Moodle) username and password is now the same as your College Network username and password.

College Network Account Assistance

If you have difficulties accessing your College Network Account, contact the Student Help Desk to activate your network account and email.

Provide the following information when you contact the Student Help Desk:

  • First and Last Name (please spell your last name)
  • Student Number (will be shown on your Registration receipt)
  • Information on how to contact you (example: email address or phone number)

The Student Help Desk will contact you when your account has been activated.