Name Department Campus
Tang, Kate Mining Apprenticeship Program Cranbrook
Taylor, Michelle Invermere Campus Invermere
Teghtmeyer, Mya Health Cranbrook
Temple, Kathi Fernie Campus Fernie
Tennant, Cassandra Creston Campus Creston
Tenta, Alan Continuing Education Invermere
Terblanche, Noelene Invermere Campus Invermere
Teslak, Dianne Finance and Corporate Services Cranbrook
Thibeault, Carolyn Health Cranbrook
Thompson, Dylan Student Life and Athletics Cranbrook
Thompson, Suzanne Health Cranbrook
Thygesen, Patricia Health Cranbrook
Tiege, Paul Academic and Applied Research Cranbrook
Tillman, Robin University Studies Cranbrook
Tippett, Ben University Studies Cranbrook
Titus, Joanne Continuing Education Golden
Torgunrud, Amy Human Resources and Payroll Cranbrook
Touzin, Cynthia Trades Cranbrook
Trinder, Cori Student and Enrolment Services Cranbrook
Turner, Christine Student and Enrolment Services Cranbrook