Applied Research and Innovation

Applied Research at College of the Rockies

Applied research presents opportunities for students and employees to support the academic vision of the college, to contribute to the local community and local industry, and to enhance student experience. Applied research, as well as other types of research, are encouraged at College of the Rockies as inseparable elements of higher scholarship, inquisitiveness and the pursuit of knowledge.

Applied research activities are indicated when that activity meets the following goals: has the strong potential for practical or experiential learning experiences for our students; has the potential to transform lives and enrich communities; informs decisions regarding real-world questions concerning innovation in society or the economy; contributes to economic, social and cultural development.


Entrepreneurship within College of the Rockies has both internal and external aspects. Internally, entrepreneurship encourages students and faculty to explore their big ideas and look for ways to develop ideas into successful businesses, micro ventures (side-hustles) or social enterprise projects. The applied research office helps students and faculty to find support and resources and guides them to the right networks. Externally, entrepreneurship at College of the Rockies means helping local businesses find the resources they need, including connection to appropriate networks, and by connecting them to College of the Rockies’ experts for applied research assistance. Entrepreneurship implies more than just passive applied research administration; it means an active approach to helping people succeed.

Applied Research

Applied Research Criteria at College of the Rockies

Funding and Upcoming Opportunities

Applied research can be a great way to build your resume and portfolio.