If you’re looking for resources to grow your business, resources to improve your business – there’s no better place to look than Riipen!

Work with College of the Rockies students to complete the projects on your growing “to do” list. This is a completely remote opportunity to engage and mentor our students, supervised by our instructors, all in a single platform for communication, project management and feedback.

  • Projects can be individual, or team-based to tackle large-scale projects
  • Supervised by students’ instructor
  • Project creation is easy with 155 project templates (and counting) available to turn your ideas into published projects within 10 minutes
  • Riipen’s powerful Recommendation Engine suggests relevant academic courses to match with your projects

Use your tech stack (or ours)

  • Conduct interviews and host meetings with Zoom and Google Meet integrations.
  • Provide mentorship and feedback to the students you work with to build their portfolio, then receive their work in return.

Zero cost to you

  • Do well while doing good. You can’t put a price on making a difference:  you pay with  mentorship, while we take care of the rest — no hidden costs or sneaky pricing structure.

Build a diverse talent pipeline

  • Identify and recruit top talent before your competitors.  Look beyond resumes and interviews with the chance to accurately assess a candidate’s skills through hands-on projects and challenges.

Employer Onboarding Videos