Develop the skills you need to find a career you’ll love!

Apply what you have learned in the classroom by completing projects for real companies and organizations while gaining employable skills and building your professional network.

Riipen is a work- based learning platform helping educators, organizations, and learners collaborate on real industry projects to bridge the gap between higher education and employment.

Riipen projects and courses

  • On Riipen, your professors and instructors connect directly with companies and organizations to curate projects based on real needs for you to work on.
  • Those projects become a part of your class curriculum, allowing you to immediately apply what you’re learning to real work scenarios, build more skills, expose yourself to employment opportunities, and earn academic credit—all at the same time.

Project Management

  • Riipen provides students with all the tools needed for managing projects with ease.
  • Use our in-app chat, video conferencing, file sharing, scheduling, project planning, and other tools for seamless remote collaboration with organizations.
  • Get up to speed in no time, thanks to Riipen’s intuitive interface and structured onboarding process.

Verified skills and portfolio

  • After completing projects on Riipen, learners have these projects linked to their customizable Riipen profile and are also provided with detailed feedback from employers and educators which include skill verification, digital badges and more.
  • These projects and skills can be easily shared as a part of a personal portfolio, or any resume/CV.

Riipen Platform Walkthrough Video