All Systems Go! How Bodies Work Ages 9-12

Cost: $300.00 Reference ID: GIPD-109 Prerequisites:

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Course Overview

Embark on a journey beneath the surface of your skin and dive into the fascinating world of anatomy! Young explorers will step into the shoes of doctor’s, artists, and anatomists to unravel the mysteries of the human body – from the rhythmic beat of our hearts to the intricate designs of our brains. through a blend of interactive activities, creative arts, and hands-on experiences, campers will not only learn about bones, guts, and brains but will also uncover the remarkable similarities between humans and animals. Led by experienced anatomists and instructors, this camp offers a fun and supportive environment for campers to satisfy their curiosity for how bodies work.

For ages 9-12

Cranbrook - Monday July 22nd, 2024