Wilderness First Responder – Recertification/Wilderness Advanced First Aid Bridge

Cost: $649.00 Reference ID: PVHE-233 Prerequisites:

Must be 16 years of age to participate. 16 and 17 year olds must have written proof of parental consent.

Course Overview

Need to recertify? The four-day Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) Bridge course will recertify all current Wilderness First Responders and Wilderness Advanced First Aiders. A completed pre-course study guide is required prior to course start. You will receive a course ID number and password to access your pre-course material upon registration. If you are certified through another wilderness medical training provider, you may ‘bridge’ to a WFR certification provided your certification was at least 64 hours in length and achieved or recertified within the last three years. Upon successful completion of this course, students receive a Wilderness Medical Associates International Wilderness First Responder Certificate which is valid for three years and includes anaphylaxis and CPR taught to an equivalent Basic Life Support level.