BIOL-101 - Introduction to Biology 1

Minimum Credits: 3 Length: 90 hours Prerequisites: Either Biology 12, Anatomy & Physiology 12, or BIOL 090, or equivalent. Life Sciences 11 and Chemistry 12 are highly recommended. Delivery Method: On-campus Cost: $365.28 Lab Fees: $83.73 Total: $449.01 Course Outline: https://sps.cotr.bc.ca/Outlines/Course Outlines/BIOL101.pdf

This course is an introduction to the structure and function of organisms with particular reference to molecular, biochemical and physiological aspects of the living world. Designed for students seeking a degree or diploma in a field of science or technology, BIOL 101, with BIOL 102, lays the foundations on which the higher-level courses in Biology are based. It is also suitable as an elective course for general interest or arts students.