ECED-206 - Working With Families

Minimum Credits: 3 Length: 45 hours Prerequisites: Minimum 65% in either English Studies 12, English First Peoples 12, ENGL 090, or equivalent. Child, Youth and Family Studies Program: Early Childhood Education Certificate or a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from an accredited college. Delivery Method: Online Cost: $480.40 Course Outline: https://sps.cotr.bc.ca/Outlines/Course Outlines/ECED206.pdf

ECED 206 provides students with knowledge and skills to work with families from atypical and typical backgrounds. This course examines families through an ecological context. It also focuses on working with families: the day to day interactions, policies, procedures, and ethical practices. We also look at community resources and other resources that are important to families on a daily basis.