ECON-102 - Macroeconomics

Minimum Credits: 3 Length: 45 hours Prerequisites: Minimum of 60% in either MATH 080, Foundations 11, Pre-Calculus 11, Essentials 11, Applications 11, Principles 11, Computer Science 11, Computer Science 12, Foundations of Math 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Geometry 12, Statistics 12, Geometry 12, or equivalent. Delivery Method: On-campus, Online Cost: $365.28 Course Outline: https://sps.cotr.bc.ca/Outlines/Course Outlines/ECON102.pdf

This course presents the economic principles that govern the behaviour of the nation’s economy. Topics include production possibility, supply and demand, national income analysis, money and banking, fiscal and monetary policy, and international trade. Current Canadian economic problems are discussed.