ENGR-101 - Engineering Design 1

Minimum Credits: 3 Length: 60 hours Prerequisites: Minimum 65% in either MATH 090, MATH 100, Pre-Calculus 12, Principles of Math 12, or equivalent; or any grade in Pre-Calculus 12 and 75% or higher in Calculus 12. Minimum 65% in either PHYS 090, Physics 12, or equivalent. Must be registered in the ENGR program. PHYS 103, MATH 103 and CSCI 105 are required courses, either taken prior or concurrently. Delivery Method: On-campus Cost: $365.28 Lab Fees: $83.73 Total: $449.01 Course Outline: https://sps.cotr.bc.ca/Outlines/Course%20Outlines/ENGR101.pdf

An introduction to the principles of the engineering design process, engineering drawing and CAD tools, project/group dynamics, professional responsibility, and writing and presentation skills. This knowledge will be applied to case studies and practical projects to be undertaken by teams of students.