FIRE-127 - Fire Fighting Practices Level 1 and 2

Minimum Credits: 14 Length: 320 hours Prerequisites: Through students do not need a prerequisite or corequisite to complete FIRE 127 with College of the Rockies, students require FIRE 111 (Hazardous Materials Awareness) and FIRE 112 Hazardous Materials Operations to receive Pro Board certification as a firefighter. Delivery Method: Blended, On-campus Course Outline: https://sps.cotr.bc.ca/Outlines/Course Outlines/FIRE127.pdf

This course complies with the standards set by NFPA 1001 and provides a foundation of theory and practical skill development for students pursuing a career in the fire services. Topics include the
organization of the fire department, standard operating procedures, rules and regulations, safety initiatives, personal protective equipment, tools and equipment, ropes and knots, the chain of command and incident management, fire department communications, and teamwork. The course prepares students for entry-level positions as structural Firefighters. Wildland Fire Suppression Workers and Industrial Safety Officers/Firefighters. The course includes both theory and hands-on activities related to fire safety and emergency response-related skills.