Delivery Methods


Programs contain a series of courses and are delivered using one or more delivery types.

On-campus (Face-to-face) program:

  • Program is fully delivered in class with face-to-face interaction.


  • Program is fully delivered online.

Blended (On-campus and Online):

  •  Program is delivered using a combination of on-campus (face-to-face) and online learning.


  • All or part of program is delivered in a physical location away from regular classroom/campus.

Individual Courses

Individual courses may be delivered in a variety of forms.

On-campus (Face-to-face):

  • Students learn while present with their instructor in a classroom, lab or shop, or sometimes in the field.


  • Students learn in a course that is entirely web-based.
  • Students can expect courses to be delivered online in both synchronous (at the same time, as in a phone call, video-conference, or online chat) and asynchronous (not at the same time, as in posting to a discussion board or doing an assigned reading) modes.

Hybrid (On-campus and Online):

  • Students learn in a course that combines both On-campus (face-to-face) and online components for all students in the course.

Practicum/Work Placement:

  • Students learn in an actual work setting under the supervision of an instructor or workplace supervisor.

Individually Paced (Directed or Guided Studies):

  • Students learn using learning modules.
  • They may interact with their instructor face-to-face at flexible classroom times or online.
  • The instructor helps the student to create an individualized schedule, and provides ongoing monitoring and support.