yaqakiǂ ʔit̓qawxaxamki

yaqakiǂ ʔit̓qawxaxamki “The Place Where People Gather” welcomes you!

Located at the edge of the Cranbrook Community Forest, yaqakiǂ ʔit̓qawxaxamki is on traditional Ktunaxa territory and is surrounded by medicinal plants native to the region.

yaqakiǂ ʔit̓qawxaxamki has upper and lower levels. Each space offers unique opportunities for student, staff, faculty and community engagement. yaqakiǂ ʔit̓qawxaxamki is considered a safe haven where students, staff, faculty, and community members feel welcome, respected and engaged. Respect is the underlying principle of the yaqakiǂ ʔit̓qawxaxamki and all scheduled activities must celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and Indigenous knowledge.