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Welcome! Whether you are a current student looking for an internship or summer job, a graduate student looking to launch your career, or an alumnus looking to change positions or advance your career, it is our goal to connect quality employers to qualified students and graduates of College of the Rockies.

There are numerous on-campus job opportunities at all campuses throughout the year. These will be posted to the online Career Portal as well as on-campus job and info boards. Be sure to watch for postings throughout the year.

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Canadian-based job search engines that index jobs directly from companies` career websites, placement agencies, and job boards.

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No Work Experience? Volunteer! Gain valuable work experience, connect with others, learn new skills, and build self-confidence. Volunteer opportunities are posted on the career portal and are across Canada at Volunteer Canada or givingandvolunteering.ca

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Practicum and Work Placements

Some programs have a mandatory practicum requirement which must be completed to graduate.

Students may be allowed to use a relevant, paid position (Work Placement) to fulfill the practicum requirement; however, prior approval must be obtained from the instructor or program coordinator based on individual evaluation of the position.

How Do I Find a Practicum or Work Placement?

For some programs, the Co-op and Employment Services Coordinator or a faculty member will set up a placement for the student with community employers. For other programs the responsibility for finding a work placement lies with you. Please check your program outline and course outlines, or contact the Program Coordinator if you have questions regarding your program.

Where possible, students will complete practicum requirements in their own community. If they are not able to complete practicum requirements in their own communities, students must be prepared to travel elsewhere, and will be responsible for their own transportation as well as any travel and living expenses.

Please note that any paid work placement used to fulfill a practicum requirement is the responsibility of the student to arrange, along with obtaining prior approval from the Instructor and/or program coordinator.

What Happens during my Practicum or Work Placement?

Regular contact is maintained between you, the College and the employer. Both you and the employer will be asked to complete evaluations of the placement upon completion.

How Do I Get Credit for My Work Placement?

If practicum completion is a program requirement, it will be listed in your program as a course with an assigned grade of either “Complete” or “No Credit Granted”. Upon satisfactory completion of all academic and practicum requirements for your program, you will receive the appropriate diploma, certificate, or post-diploma designation on your transcripts.

How Do You Benefit?

A practicum is aimed at giving students supervised, real-world application and experience of theory and principles learned throughout their course of study.

Make Valuable Contacts

  • You increase your chances of finding employment in your field upon graduation by expanding your professional network and acquiring essential contacts and references in your  industry or business community.

Increase Your Employability

  • Upon graduation you will have an edge on the competition by offering employers practical experience as well as education listed on your resume.

Refine Your Career Goals

  • You get a clear picture of the real work environment, which allows you to refine your career plans and make a more satisfying transition from school to the workforce.

Increase Your Confidence and Technical Skills

  • You gain confidence in your abilities and acquire competence in your field of study.

Enhance Job Search Skills

  • You are offered job search skills and guidance that will help you increase the effectiveness of your job search.

Service Learning Experience

What is Service Learning Experience vs. Practicum/Internship?


A practicum is a mandatory program requirement to complete an unpaid work placement. A practicum is aimed at giving students supervised, real-world application and experience of theory and principles learned throughout their course of study. Individual programs may allow students to use a paid work placement with prior approval from an instructor if the job meets the goals of the practicum.


An internship is a volunteer or unpaid work placement with an employer to allow students to gain relevant work experience and guidance in a particular field. No credit is granted for Internships and the college is not involved in these placements.

Service Learning Experience (SLE)

SLE is offered as an opportunity for students to do an unpaid project or practicum/internship-type placement to obtain partial course credit.  Like a practicum, the goal is to provide students with supervised, real-world application and experience of theory and principles related to a particular course and to gain credit towards that course.