COVID 19 and Communicable Disease Prevention


College of the Rockies follows the guidance and recommendations from B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer, the B.C. Government, WorkSafeBC and Interior Health to ensure the health and wellbeing of students, employees and campus visitors.

Please note that wearing masks is still a personal choice for all on our campuses. We respect those who may have personal circumstances and preferences on wearing masks, and ask you to continue being respectful of personal space when meeting and interacting with others.

This change does not mean that COVID is behind us. This change is due to B.C.’s lowered COVID hospitalization and transmission rates. Please remember to manage your health by practicing good hand hygiene practices, monitoring your symptoms and staying home when sick.

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Updated Information from the Provincial Health Officer and Ministry of Health

What can I do to help stop the spread of COVID?

Be Prepared for the Flu Season

Having a cold or the flu is not fun! You’re sneezing, coughing, aching, and tired – but you can treat the symptoms! Cold symptoms tend to get worse over a few days. Flu symptoms are more severe than cold symptoms and come on faster. For either illness, it is important to rest and drink plenty of fluids to feel better.

Cold and flu viruses spread easily in the late fall and winter. Wash your hands often to protect yourself from catching and spreading a cold or the flu. You can lower your risk of catching the flu by getting the flu vaccine every year. If you do catch a cold or the flu, try to stay away from others to avoid spreading the disease.

Vaccine Clinics

 Flu vaccine clinics in our area

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Influenza (Seasonal Flu)

The Government of British Columbia released the COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Guidelines on Monday, July 5 which supports the full return to in-person education, research and on-campus services for B.C.’s post-secondary institutions. Additionally, the Return to Campus Public Health Guidance was issued on September 1, 2021 and updated January 25, 2022 by the BC Ministry of Health.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)