Mountain Sustainability Field School – Andorra

Mountain Sustainability Field School (Andorra) – June 5-22, 2022

All College students as well as College alumni and students from partner institutions are invited to receive a hands-on learning experience in the mountains of one of the most unique countries on Earth – the microstate of Andorra, which lies high in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Take advantage of this opportunity for general interest or to receive College credit for Introduction to Environmental Sustainability (ENST 200) or Sustainable Tourism (TOUR 237). This learning opportunity features a 4-5-day alpine trek (with comfortable accommodation each night) and a separate day-hike to summit Andorra’s highest mountain. As well, you will engage governmental, non-governmental and industry stakeholders on topics such as the natural environment as a driver for tourism, tourism’s impact on the environment, carrying capacity, land-use, and climate change.