Andrea Hyde, BSc, MSc

Discipline: Mathematics and Statistics

As a 2010 graduate of the College (Associate of Science), I was excited to return as a Math instructor in 2017. I’ve contributed to the College through my service work, both as a student and as a faculty member. I’ve served on the Board of Governors, Education Council, the Student Policy Committee, and the Faculty Association Executive. I welcome input from students and colleagues on how to make our college a more inclusive and inviting learning space. I invite everyone to participate in that process in whatever way feels right to them.

I hold both a bachelor’s with honours and a Master of Science from UBC Okanagan. I’ve studied under some amazing researchers and teachers and, when in doubt, I look back to them for inspiration. I’m passionate about math and I believe that it is much more than just what is learned in the classroom. Math is problem solving and logical thinking. It is used for your monthly budget, your taxes, as well as in designing a beautiful home, or holding a deeper appreciation of nature.

I live with my partner and our three dogs. We spend as much time outdoors as we can. I’m happiest when I have skis on, and I’m headed out for a long day in the mountains. I love to hike, bike, run, and just enjoy a coffee on the deck. Like math, I believe the outdoors should be available to everyone, so I am often found mentoring friends in the backcountry.

When you’re in my classroom, my attitude is “Can we change it and make it better? Then let’s do it!!” I know math but my students know themselves. My job isn’t to force them to think like me, it’s to find a way to open the world of math to them. I solicit feedback from my students regularly and then act on it in the best way I can. My students drive me to be a more creative and responsive teacher.

I believe that math should be accessible to everyone. Each student in my classroom comes in with a different set of skills and experiences with math. My goal is to meet them where they are and to nurture their skills and talents until they are successful. Mistakes are an important part of learning and students can learn to build on them until they achieve their goals. I endeavour to make my classrooms dynamic enough that all learners are engaged, no matter their level or confidence. Shame and bullying have no place in my classes.