Barbara Eckersley, BEd, MEd

Discipline/Teaching Area: Child, Youth and Family Studies, Education Assistant Specialty

I started teaching at College of the Rockies in January 2015 as an Auxiliary Instructor, while still working for the local school district as a Student Services Teacher. Eventually, the teaching position at the College expanded and I am now a regularized faculty member.

I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Education, and after returning to BC to teach for five years, I went back to obtain my master’s degree in teaching, leading and learning. The focus of my thesis was teacher stress and burnout. Currently, I am interested in trauma informed practice, how best to support children in care, and challenging behaviours in children, as they relate to trauma.

When taking a course with me in the Education Assistant Program, students can expect a ‘hands on’ practical application of the knowledge and information we will study and learn together. Becoming an Education Assistant is one of THE most important roles in any school system, and having the knowledge, strategies, and practical experiences  to support all learners in an inclusive environment is always my focus.

As a teacher, I am a partner in learning with my students rather than the expert. I have high expectations while also providing a learning environment that is safe, inclusive and supportive so all students can reach their full potential. Students need to have the opportunity to collaborate with each other, with me, and other professionals in the field to develop a comprehensive understanding of the world they will be entering as Education Assistants.