Dave Wan, BSc

Discipline or teaching area: Adventure Tourism Business Operations

I initially earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Melbourne, Australia but spent a lot of my free time with the local SCUBA diving and bushwalking (back packing, rock-climbing, white-water kayaking, and skiing) clubs. I was first drawn to outdoor adventure sports for exactly that reason – the adventure. I also appreciate the challenge, the personal development, and the connection to the outdoors. My passion for outdoor adventure inspired me to complete a post-graduate diploma in Outdoor Education.

I have continued to pursue outdoor adventure because of the friendships and close personal bonds that are developed with others. You are often responsible for each other’s safety and that creates a long-lasting, deeply caring connection. Outdoor adventures became such an important part of my life, after a decade working in the field, I completed a master’s degree in Outdoor Education.

In 2006, I joined the College as coordinator and instructor for the Adventure Tourism Business Operations (ATBO) program, held at the Golden campus. I am very close with my students and get great joy from sharing my love of adventure sports with them and from helping them succeed. If you’re thinking of enrolling in the ATBO program, I look forward to having the opportunity to get to know you.

Away from work, I continue to be active. Adventure sports are what I do for work, what I do for play, and are what I do with my family. I’m exactly where I want to be, doing what I want to do and surrounded by the people I love. Life is good.