Kevin Boehmer, CPA, CA

Discipline/Teaching Area: Accounting

I started at College of the Rockies in December of 2015 and have taught full time in the Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices program since that time, most specifically in the Accounting diploma. I have predominantly taught the higher level accounting courses at the College, with some introductory accounting courses sprinkled in. Yeah, that says sprinkled in…

I have served on the Education Council as well as on the College of the Rockies Faculty Association’s executive.

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant by trade, earning my designation through working at a standard (read boring) public practice accounting firm. Before I joined the College as an Accounting instructor, I owned my own successful accounting firm for a few years (not as boring). I also served on the Town Council in the lovely town of Creston, BC for one term (4 years) and worked as a director of finance for a non-profit organization for a couple of years. I really enjoy learning and applying new and exciting teaching methods (yes those do exist).

I try to make my classes fun, engaging and to bring in current events that apply to what we are learning. Sometimes I will have jokes (occasionally funny jokes even), sometimes funny videos, but mostly engaging teaching techniques. My classes are usually really hands-on as we go over technical questions and discuss theory. I try and use different techniques for each class I am teaching. I really believe in student centered learning and try to implement that underlying theory in all of my courses.